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I Quote "Quillon or Guard for a dagger with dragon heads
Iran or Turkey, 16th / 17th century.
This hilt is made of steel and is decorated in gold overlay. The pattern depicts blossoming flowers and curling leaves. It has an angular body with arms that curve downwards and terminate in elaborately carved dragon heads. The teeth and tongues of the dragons remain visible; attesting to the careful workmanship of the artist.

Dragons are found extensively on many objects from the Islamic world. They appear on candlesticks, serve as handles on cups and jugs, and often make up part of the hilts of swords and daggers.

Chinese wares inspired artists and this cross-cultural exchange resulted in the introduction of the mythical creatures to the Middle East and particularly Iran. We know this from historical accounts that document an embassy sent from Timurid Iran to China, which included numerous artists (cited in, D. Alexander, Islamic Arms and Armour in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, London, Yale University Press, 2015, p.150).'' Unquote.
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