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TIMURID QUILLONS This also appears in the late Anthony North book Islamic Arms . Jade carved in the form of Dragons.

From Wikipedia I Quote"The Timurid dynasty (Persian: تیموریان‎‎), self-designated as Gurkani (Persian: گورکانیان‎‎, Gūrkāniyān), was a Sunni Muslim dynasty or clan of Turco-Mongol lineage descended from the warlord Timur (also known as Tamerlane). The word "Gurkani" derived from "gurkan", a Persianized form of the Mongolian word "kuragan" meaning "son-in-law", as the Timurids being in-laws of the line of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire. Members of the Timurid dynasty were strongly influenced by the Persian culture and had established two significant empires in history, the Timurid Empire (1370-1507) based in Persia and Central Asia and the Mughal Empire (1526-1857) based in the Indian subcontinent."Unquote.

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