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LOL! Not a chance of dropping off in your entries Nando!
As always I very much appreciate your 'unquandriment' (not sure that's a word ) and I love to your patient explanations are a win, win deal to me.

I did not know about the croaking thing (I think of frogs) but that does well describe the loud sounds these often huge birds make. I admit I rather liked the crow/raven analogy, and especially presently being in the Native American frame of mind with their uses of it.

Actually in another digression, the term corvo always in a phonetic sense brings to mind the well known tequila (ta kill ya, in Southern Calif. beach party parlance some years back) Jose Cuervo, which often had more of an octane rating than a proof number.
Whether margaritas or shots, that stuff would throw ya for a loop (curve?)

While tedious at times, sometimes the dynamics and color of these linguistic anomalies really do add some dimension to these weapon terms.
Around here....always learning ....that's a good thing.
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