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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
...Since we all enjoy linguistics so much ...

So true Jim; only that in this corner there exists no anathema for non academic terms; all corruptions allowed .
I guess we are dealing with heirs of two distinct etymologies here; corvu/s is a bird which name comes from the Indo-Europeia KOR-, as imitative of his croaking (onomatopoeic); whereas Corvo (portuguese curvo from latin curvu) means curved, bent, arcuate. So you have a cuchillo corvo and a navaja corva.
And as i read out there, connotating a bird with a corvo (curved) beak is more in the instance of those with a more accentuated curved extremity.

Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
...A quandary indeed.

I hope it is a bit 'unquanderied' now ... as i hope you din't fall asleep during this boring injection .
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