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Originally Posted by silberschatzimsee
How i can preserve a condition from an object with koftgari?
Must i apply some kind of wax? i know that oil prevents rust but does it affect the koftgari??

how do you handle this case?

many thanks in advance

Koftgari is quite sensitive as rust can develop beneath it and make it exfoliate.

I protect it with Rehaissance Wax but in liquid form.

So, (1) I basically dilute some Ren Wax in White Spirit (heating the mixture) until I get a milky liquid Ren Wax.

(2) I degrease the Koftgari with cotton swabs soaked with White Spirit and let it dry well (when applying the White Spirit, do it with utmost care as the cotton swabs may detatcah small fragments of Koftgari).

(3) I apply generously the Ren Wax over the koftgari with a brush and let it dry.

(4) I heat up the piece with a hair drier to melt the Ren Wax and help it penetrate even futher.

(5) I apply with cotton swabs normal Ren Wax over the whole surface.

(6) Very gently clean/polish the surface with cotton swabs.
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