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Default Basic Yataghan style hunting sword

Arrived today, no markings, no decorations at all. dark patination throughout, no rust, appears to have been renwaxed.

sharp blade is 57 cm. long, 3 cm. wide at guard, 1.8 cm. t-spine at guard.
deep fuller 42 cm. long. tip from fuller is double edged.

guard is 12 cm. wide, horn grip is 12 cm. long, fastened via a flat headed slotted screw.right side swell fits the palm, left side has smooth finger depressions. feels really good in the hand too.

'shell' guard or rain guard is shield shaped, 5 cm. by 3 cm. and also undecorated.

weight is 557 gm.

looks a lot like the generic yataghan bayonet blades of the 19c. re-purposed to a starkly beautiful hunter. wonder if it'll fit a bayonet scabbard if i can find a loose orphan one.

any comments on it's origin and or age would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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