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Originally Posted by Sajen
Hope for your nose that you are wrong with your assumption!

Anyway, nice club!


smoked, not so bad. like my bacon smoked. horse manure is not too bad, i'm from the countryside. bovine and sheep manure, other large ruminents, not quite so nice. predator scat, and such getting smelly. worst is great ape poo. we are greatest apes.

i read somewhere the iwisa carvers routinely buried their raw mtls. (branched rootballs, etc, in piles cow dung to keep them from drying out and cracking.

p.s. - don't go in my head* for a few minutes, it's still deadly in there. even Poppy won't go in there.

*-naval term for toilet, not a request for psychoanalysis. old sailing vessels, to relieve themselves required going to the the bow, or pointy end for you landlubbers, and stand on the head chains that stayed the bowsprit - the stick that pokes out of the front. hence to poo, you went to the head. hopefully chosing the lee side - the downwind side, especially if you were urinating or a bit loose from the cooks culinary masterpieces. and yes, people did occasionally fall off. crew, particularly the topmen, well skilled in standing on the footropes while clawing in or rigging a wet canvas sail in a storm were usually immune from that fate. officers of course got a bucket and their steward would go to the head to empty it.
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