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Originally Posted by chiefheadknocker
Hi ian, thanks for your valuable information , I can imagine its a great sword for close hand fighting the sword has quite a curve and is razor sharp , when I first acquired it I wondered if it was was more of a dress type sword ,I don't know how often swords came into use in the 19th century ,I daresay life could of been quite violent and brutal ,

Swords in these areas were in common fighting use during the 19th C, especially before the introduction of firearms, and were used in combat and village raids well into the late 19th and early 20th C. Various unadorned dha/daab have always been used for non-combat purposes as well—such as brush clearing, cutting firewood, slaughtering animals, etc—and those uses continue up to the present.

Your example is clearly a prestige weapon, with its ivory and silver hilt, designed as much for show as for combat. The blade looks good quality and, as you say, it is razor sharp.
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