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I'm sorry I'm coming to this a little late.

I agree with Detlef that your sword is N. Thai/Lao in origin and from the Rattanakosin period, maybe early to mid-19th C. I have a similar, hua bua tipped sword from the early Rattanakosin period (as dated from the silverwork on the scabbard)--pictures below. The hua bua tip is based on the shape of the lotus bud, and there are many variations. As you can see, the tip on mine is a little different from yours, but the purpose was similar. There are martial arts techniques that employed this tip to inflict a painful jab to the sword hand or arm of an opponent, temporarily distracting him and allowing a slashing blow to a more vital structure. These swords were intended mainly for close hand fighting, including indoors, and were sometimes used by bodyguards specifically trained in the use of this particular sword.


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