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doesn't look 'naval' to me. naval/infantry swords usually did not have heavy metal scabbards, cavalry could as the horse usually carried it. blade looks very 1796LC-ish with the hatchet point.

looks like a private purchase officer's cavalry sabre possibly late 18c - early 19c like the dates you mentioned, when such were allowed prior to standardisation. if it's length is under 30 in. it could be a naval officers personal hanger. middies didn't carry swords, even the old ones that might be older than the other commissioned officers that passed their exams. (they might carry a ship's cutlass tho.). are you sure the lower ring isn't just stuck? was there once a ring to attach the loose end of the chain to the pommel? the pommel looks more like it has a keeper and is peened, has it any exposed thread? a photo of it would be cool. shame no other markings...odd there appears to be no wear or oxidation, the ivoryor bone looks aged tho.
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