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Default Sabre I.D. -Naval? -Diplomatic?

Hello All,

This is my first post, greetings to you all. I was wondering if you could help me ID this sabre.

A few initial observations: The casting is of high quality. The blade is good steel, has been sanded before I got it, no markings anywhere. Wire bound bone grips. Pommel nut and threaded tang. Chain guard detached.

The suspension rings are designed such that the upper ring is the functional one, the lower for looks only.

I feel this is some sort of dress sabre, mid 19th C.

The laurel and oak leaf designs seem rather French to me, as does the high quality casting. Wild guess: Oversize French made US Naval Midshipman's dirk?

I bought it as I thought it would look nice on the wall. I usually go for 1795-1815 cavalry sabres.

Thanks in advance for any comments that could help with identification.

Jon MB
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