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Originally Posted by fernando
Nice work with the photo handling, Hellery; and not an implausibe suggestion but ... does it look to you that, the style of the name inscription is about the same ? .


Look at the character spacing. IGEN are consistently spaced more or less. But between M and E. As well as between E and I. There is noticeably larger spacing. That would suggest a loss of discernible detail. That could be a more elaborate E. It could also be punctuation. However the very next E has no such gap. Which would suggest that it is more likely punctuation or just bad spacing.

All I can say is that from what is left of the inscription. Those are how the characters present. Where it assumed that a character consists of contiguous regions (multiple similarity based selection tools don't really lie when the cross comparison all agrees).

The I could have been a P. That's possible. But if it was there is no evidence for it remaining. We can make all the presumptions and forced fits that we like. I'm just going off what can be known. And what can be known may be too incomplete to accurately point to anything. Which would be unfortunate but again entirely possible.

I just googled based off what could be known as far as my skills allow me to tell. Get someone with better image enhancement abilities and programs and you may get an answer you like better
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