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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
Totally agree!!! In many cases (too many) there are tons of items just boxed up and never see the light of day again. Often there is a degree of de-accessing to of course gain ever necessary funding.
One museum I just visited had amazing displays, but the person I was speaking with noted that the volume of items stored dwarfed those on display, and of course hoped some day for expansion. \

Not discounting the fine and commendable efforts of museums, but in these times of economic strife, they are financially unable to do nearly what they would like to.

Museums want to expand like churches want a new roof. Better for them in theory than in practice. Something to add here is if one does lend an item to a museum. If it's anything of any substantial value to them they should check-in on it frequently. Maybe even once a month. They need to be reminded about what they do and don't own. Or they will forget. If an item goes off display and they have not heard from the owner in 3-6 months. They will just assume the owner is dead or something and treat it as bequeathed.

Goto make sure everyone who works there and even every new hire knows what belongs to who in those regards as well. Wires get crossed. And once it gets lost. The chances of it turning up are next to none. Of course you're welcome to look through there warehouse to find it yourself usually. This is a rough approximation of what awaits you btw.

So tell your boss you're going camping for two weeks... It won't be a lie.
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