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Originally Posted by Helleri
Don't know enough about that to help with the mark. But I will say. Don't donate it. If you do it will go on display most likely for a while then at some later point get shoved in box and shelved somewhere for possibly decades. Even lost in their catalogue of items. I would say Loan it to them for the duration of display. And have them credit it as being part of your collection (which sometimes turns out to be a good way of networking).

Totally agree!!! In many cases (too many) there are tons of items just boxed up and never see the light of day again. Often there is a degree of de-accessing to of course gain ever necessary funding.
One museum I just visited had amazing displays, but the person I was speaking with noted that the volume of items stored dwarfed those on display, and of course hoped some day for expansion. \

Not discounting the fine and commendable efforts of museums, but in these times of economic strife, they are financially unable to do nearly what they would like to.
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