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Originally Posted by kronckew
thinredline, i think your deceptive bowie was made like that in sheffield as part of a high end carving set, possibly a hunting trousse, similar to the other boxed set. just because it has a guard doesn't make it a fighting knife. it should not be sold as a combat 'tactical' 'bowie' knife tho, even tho it would serve in a pinch. it's cutlery. the original bowie knife was of course, also cutlery, and likely a guardless chef's knife with a partially sharpened spine. a victorian carving set with short guards on knife, and the fork & sharpener steel )or is it a spike) is below. you can buy a very similar knife/fork carving set now, sadly in stainless.

the knife in post one looks new however, may be a new blade in an old handle, that doesn't mean it's bad tho, just not old. the chemical staining as noted would have worn off if it were used and cleaned the blade/guard join to the others posted, also. the original posted one, the join is gappy and should have been fitted better and gapless or silver soldered closed.

pattern welded steel was also produced in the heyday of sheffield knife making even as the transitions to stronger and better hardened mono steels, and after for presentation pieces.

just because it's pattern welded doesn't mean it's from pakistan and bad. even a great deal of the pakistani damascus is of decent quality. a lot of good modern knife smiths make their own 'damascus' from modern mono steels, high and low carbon alloys. it's just not as good as well made modern mono steels. even real wootz is not as good for a tool/weapon your life depends on. prettier tho, and the best they had then...

All really good points , but as I said , lots of these pattern welded blades are coming into the UK at the moment from Pakistan . You can buy at most UK Arms Fairs PW blades from Pakistan to fit anything from penknives to Viking swords ! And it is no coincidence that lots of these 'old / new hybrids' are also appearing just now . No problem with them as knives per se , but it bothers me when they are represented or implied as being something historic . This knife posted by Roland is an example of that as it was represented as being 'made in Sheffield ' .... I can believe the handle and fittings were , but not the blade .
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