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Default eastern whotsit?

aquired this oddball sword recently, doesn't appear to fit any category. anyone have any idea? thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide...

sword is well made, tight, the blade has been over-cleaned badly. there is a set of three recessed/stamped dots on one side about halfway down the blade, along with a fairly crisp curved wedge shape partial right at the grip junction. it looks like the blade may have ghosts of former scroll work and koftgari sadly 'cleaned' away,also . an 'eye' shaped area on one side may be part of the decor. blade looks shorter than it is in the photo due to being tilted with the tip further away.

anyhow, sword is 33.5 in. overall, 578 grams, blade is 20.5 in. long, 1.25 in. wide, 5mm thick at the guard, distal tapered nicely. grip's sturdy brass section is 4in. long x 1 in. dia., ribbed and lacquered wood bit is 9 in. long. sword is tightly embedded in the exposed wood end of it. balance point is about 4 in. in front of the grip. feels good in the hand. sharp too, except the inside of the curve of the tip, which is not. suspension ring is split rather than solidly welded, and is free to flop about.
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