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Good evening,

Maybe it is interesting to quote the text of the auction.

This of course without prejudice.
No comments on the seller or buyer are intended , solely the text of the auction, combined with pictures posted above, for the forumite to draw his own conclusion. "Caveat Emptor"

Peurise shield Aceh Indonesia Late 19th / early 20th century

In good condition
Beautiful Peurise made of layered buffalo leather and brass fittings, with braided rattan wire at the sides.

The inside of the shield contains the original handle and cushion.

The stars on the shield are lined with leather and set with brass fittings (see photos).

Apart from the braided reed shields and cast-metal shields, shields of leather were also used in times of scarcity.
These were made of leather of the buffalo, elephant and even hippopotamus.
This shield is made of water buffalo leather so is not in violation of the CITES regulations.

Shield is slightly flexible and slightly deformed, otherwise in good condition.

Does of course have signs of wear and there is a minor dent in one of the stars.

Size/diameter of the shield is:
27 cm
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