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I would be very surprised if this blade / handle combination had been made in Sheffield in times past . It would be very surprising if a Sheffield maker of a knife blade of this quality did not put both their name and Sheffield address on it . Additionally it is most unusual for English knives of the 19th century to be curved . There is also no crossguard , something which would never be the case in an English dagger , but would be typical in a domestic table cutlery carving knife . The marked curve of the handle is typical English carving knives of the late 19th century , affording a very postive forward grip required for carving a joint of meat at the table. This may be a European knife , I dont know, I have no expertise in non-British European knives of this period , but to me it looks as though it could be a relatively modern blade that has been married to a good quality Sheffield 19th Century carving knife handle ..... along the lines of the handle of the one in the photograph below ....
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