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Hi Jim,
I see that the image of the Benin sword belonging in the collection of Mister Rainer Daehnhardt makes its millionth appearance. Should i ever realize this picture would become viral, i wouldn't take part in such promotion as, despite the eventuality of its owner being so proud to possess such famous item, he might as well not be so fond of what has been written about him, for every time such picture shows up together with its text, as it comes in the book, it is tagged with a string of rejections in a mode of unpleasant, even caustic, adjectives and connotations, even occasionally based on misinterpretations, not making a distinction between the role of either book neither post author ... notwithstanding the recurrent assumption that the sword description belongs only to the book author and, as personally opined, its veracity being admitedly susceptible of implausibility, as timely quoted such not being an uncommon phenomenon. For i guess that, the only way for this picture appearance to cease being repeatedly tied to the whipping pole, is to humbly discourage its posting.

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