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Originally Posted by ausjulius
a grind wheel is not used for a plane and plane is not used for a grind wheel.

ok i shall explain how these are used .. its two different process for the making of the sword...

Thanks, I'm well aware of the process.

The images depicting swords with hilts can of course be simply interpretation and don't necessarily reflect in anyway tempered blades being ground (i.e. grinding the profile, not sharpening). As noted in my post the second series of tools in the images I posted are not analogous to stone grinding wheels, but used defining the profile and polishing, again artistic license can be shown with respect to hilts and as you noted makes it hard to ascertain the exact part of the process depicted.

Perhaps you misunderstood my post which was simply to add some interesting and relevant illustration, I understand the distinction in the tools you are making.

In any case, don't let me distract from the thread by going further into medieval forging and grinding techniques. But since you obviously have an interest in blade production you might enjoy some other threads on the European section, I think I started one a while ago regarding trip hammers and other water powered medieval forges.
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