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Originally Posted by ausjulius
here is a hand plane for shaping the steel of the blade.. in cultures that lacked files or grind wheels it was a vital too, still used today. in the philipines for example a grinding wheel is 1 us wage per day is maybe 5$ in some areas and this tool lasts a lot longer than a sanding disc and makes the blade much smoother.
i wounder when these planes disappeared in europe .. you can see images form the middle ages they were standard.. but i dont see later images.
in much of the rest of the world they are still used now .

i also wounder what is the original english name for these tools
any one else has images of them form around the world ?

Just to point out that grind wheels were also standard in medieval Europe as the attached 14th century illustrations from the Romance of Alexander and English Luttrell Psalter attest to.

Differing tools existed for final polishing and beveling edges which seem more similar to the tool you are referring to.
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