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Thanks, Gustav!

Gonjo Wulung on these Keris are quite usual.

Yes - it is just way more difficult to establish whether any gonjo wulung has been added/changed later or really is original though. It may not be a major issue for a given keris; however, when looking closely at the greneng, I try to establish them being really comparable to the rest of the blade first.

This one has been slightly bent upwards, that's why Greneng looks a bit curious.

Yes, this makes things tougher. However, there seem to be also differences between the ron dha nunut and the neighbouring ron dha (as well as with the jenggot) that can't be explained by distortion from bending.

Luckily it didn't break, these Gonjo Wulung can be very brittle.

I assume there may be some incentive to cut short the "washing" of the iron prior to crafting these...

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