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I am 99% sure this is a 1950s Rodgers blade which has been remounted and also refitted with this scabbard. This pattern of blade is claimed by some to have come into existence during WW2 but so far I have seen no prime source evidence of this , but am keen to be shown some. The fittings do not look British to me and I feel this is a 'marriage' .... not to deceive but perhaps more likely to appeal to 'Mediterranean' or similar tastes .
William Rodgers name appears on English knives of the 20th century with the I CUT MY WAY trademark ... but in the 19th century W Rodgers is more associated with spring , tool and balance manufacture . I believe the firm ceased to trade in the early 20th century and the name and trademark was taken up by the cutlers Clarke of SHEFFIELD. The famous 19th century maker of high quality bowie and hunting knives was the unrelated Sheffield firm of JOSEPH RODGERS.
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