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Thank you guys for your replies!
Of course you are right: the blade is made of twisted-core pattern-welded steel. In the place where I live it would be called Damast- or damaszener steel, that's why I used the word Damascus without further thinking - sorry for the misunderstanding!
Still it would be interesting to know the origin of this sword. I believe it is not later than 18th century, having fire-gilt bronze mounts (please see the original pictures - I have cleaned later the fittings with Flitz) in a typical baroque style. The Karabela type hilt made of green painted bone (most probably ivory) and it points to the Eastern Europe, and the blade shape is yataghan inspired, although most probably European made. I wasn't able to find a similar sword in my books or online.
One of the heads on the guard have a small moving detail in his chin - I do not know it purpose, but it is not occasionally there :-)
I will ask the administrator to move the thread to the Ethnographic Forum, maybe we will get more ideas there.
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