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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Salaams Fernando, Your post at #80.

I have to point out the nature of this sword which has nothing to do with Sri Lankan weapons ...

Boa tarde Senhor Balooshi,
Either my alzheimer level is rather intense or this issue has already been approached and, a consensual perspective was established, for i would not resurrect it unless i had some fresh news to produce. I am afraid that, if i tried to remodel old beaten material, just keep the present thead going, i would be, as we say here, raining on the wet. In the other thread where plausibitiy of writers description was at stake we assumed that often true sounding assumptions miss actual veracity, like the case of this specific sword examle, which was ascertained within the hour, if i well remember
So .. let me keep consistent .
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