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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
In "Arts of the Muslim Knight", Furusiyya Art Foundation, 2008, there are a number of 'chilanum' included in the well described examples which seem to range from the 16th to well through the 17th c.

On p.143, in the introductory chapter on daggers, it is noted that "...chilanum hilts first appear in miniature paintings from the second half of the 16th century".
* ref cited, "Imperial Mughal Painting", Stuart Cary Welch, 1978, London, pl.4

In "Arts' (op.cit. p.207) a 'chilanum' is shown which is stated as closely related to one in the David Collection, which was the property of
Ali Adil Shah I (r. 1558-1580), and another which stylistically is suggested possibly earlier.
The 'Adil Shah' dagger is also illustrated in "Hindu Arms and Ritual" (Robert Elgood, 2004, pp.109-10, fig. 11, 1-4.

Hi Jim,

Ok look at
Hales, pp. 67-70; or Elgood, Jaipur, pp. 44-50; or Pinchot pp. 45-46

And it's not because a chillanum appears in a miniature that we can date all the chillanum from the 16th or 17th...

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