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Default Unusual Indian dagger / short sword

I have been following the thread on the "Karud" with much interest.
It has prompted me to dig this out and ask for name suggestions.

Mail-piercing, double pointed, curved, single-edged short sword or long dagger should cover it.

48 cm / 19 ins long with a 38cm 13.75 ins single-edged blade which is approximately 1/4 ins thick near the hilt.

Mail-piercing tip which is on the end of an "extra" or second tip.

Heavily decorated blade with bird heads, lions ( or wolves ) and deer. The decoration is repeated on both sides of the blade.

Hilt is steel with two colours of horn as grips.

I think it is too good for a tourist piece so will call it a rich man's hunting dagger.

All comments welcome.
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