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Hello Roland,

I already polished the blade but the laminations are so tiny, it is almost impossible to bring them out. You can see some traces of lamination only. The blade has been made from flawlessly forged laminated mono-steel.


But there are obvious signs of combat on this blade, the first half of the blade is full of small notches. There are some typically breakouts which appear, when the blade hits a bone.

Or possibly a coarse stone?

I dont think that we see an export-blade for western market.

There is always the possibility that on older blade gets pimped-up for sale. However, this blade looks quite atypical to start with:
1. The tip configuration is more like a generic knife/dagger rather than a typical korambi from Sumatra.
2. The central fuller is only present on one side (and, again, atypical).
3. The back edge is very short (again atypical).
4. The secondary bevel along the edge is ... atypical, sorry.

The blade does not look like it has been used for extended periods; I sure can be wrong though!

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