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Hello Roland,

Did you ever etched this blade? I'd love to see more details! (Considering the tool marks, it doesn't look repolished.)

This Kerambit must be quite old. I know its history since around 1950. It comes from the collection of a dutch collector. He married a german wife arounmd 1950 and he already brought the Kerambit with him. The blade was heavily corroded but well preserved. I think, this Kerambit is from 19th century.

Thanks for posting your piece! It's especially nice to have pieces with additional provenance! Any idea how reliable the info you got might be?

I have no problem with this piece predating WW2. I'm quite sure it is from the 20th century though: The blade does not look traditional and the hilt made from 2 parts will not be able to withstand the stress of real usage; also the flamboyant scabbard hints at the same conclusion.

Note that there was an established souvenir industry already by the end of the 19th century in Medan (and probably elsewhere); the carving may utilize different motifs but would be consistent from what I have seen from there. And it doesn't look Minang.

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