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Originally Posted by Gonzalo G
... You don't seem to be aware that the Iberian and the Celts were a different peoples...

Oh, i am aware of that, even in a non scholar basis; i must have made a wrong punctuation in my approach to the subject .

Originally Posted by Gonzalo G
... The Celts carried their weapons, Hallstatt and La Tene weapons, which were diffused all over the Peninsula in due time. The falcata was developed among the Iberians and latter diffused to many areas. Their cultures were slowly integrating. The falcatas are not the result of Celtic cultural phenomena, even if they coincide with the second Iron Age in the Peninsula. That is why I spoke that the falcatas does not follow a Celtic influx...

Again i must have made myself misunderstood.
On the other hand, i would i reflect some perplexity about this whole issue.
I recall a question often posed (also here) on where the Falcata came from, which implicates that such weapon was not purely invented by Iberians as from zero square.
What an amalgama of races and tribes, Romans having one idea of how they mixed and were based in the territory and current academics having diverted perspectives.
Iberians and Celts were a different people yes, to a certain extent and timeline. Isn't it said that the Celts not only coexisted but also mixed with the Iberos in the Central Meseta, reason for the appearing of Celtiberos, a thing different from Iberian Celts. But ...didn't all these peoples miscigenate ? No surprise if the Iberians (also) handled swords of Celtic Hallstatt tradition while the Celtiberos (also) had falcatized swords ?
While not a surprise that the ratio of falcatas found in the Southern part of the Peninsula versus other swords is overwhelming (98%) it is nevertheless symptomatic that in the (now Portuguese) West Coast, necropolis findings denoted a slightly majority of falcatas versus La Tene antena swords.
I think of the Celts confederating with the Lusitanians of Viriato; which swords would then be in this so called 'Roman Terror' general's panoplia to push back the Romans; only La Tene type sword or also the Falcata ?
Still lots of ink shall be spent about this issue.
Originally Posted by Gonzalo G
...Anyway, what is this forum for if not to answer some questions ?...

By all means, Gonzalo; who said the contrary ?

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