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The aparition of the falcata doesn't seem to have followed a Celtic immigration. How could a prototype of the yataghan have arrived to the Mediterranean area of the Iberic Peninsula? Is there a prototype of the yataghan from this period? The aparition of the falcata corresponds to about the 5th-4th centuries BC., long after the arrival of the Celts. The first thing we have to do is to establish where the falcatas came from. Did they emerge first more to the east of the Peninsula, on actual Spain? Where are located the older findings? Is there a Celtic weapon which can be pointed as ancestor of the falcata, or the prototype came from elsewhere? How this prototype was carried, by land or by sea? If the Celts were not the origin of the prototype, who was? It must be noted that the falcatas and the rest of the armament produced in the same context, involved sophisticated techniques of production. And we have to see if the rest of this armament produced in the same historical context, is aboriginal the the Peninsula, or if the prototypes came from elsewhere, how and from where. Giving answers to this questions is not a simple task, given the lack of sources and the scarcity of remains from this period.

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