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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
I bet you didn't know this !!!!

"We learn a good deal about Jewish craftsmen from the Geniza, the fact that some of them were employed in the imperial workshops of the Fatimids; or that around 1140 three Jewish silversmiths - including two from North Africa - emigrated to Ceylon to pursue their livelihoods; or that a Tunisian Jew ran a factory in India, in which Jews bearing Arabic names, possibly from Yemen, made brass vessels which are described to us I detail primarily for the sake of beauty..."

So early as around 1140 ? Wouldn't this be a Hijri date ... corresponding to Gregorian 1748 ?
In a line with those Sefardit Jews that were expelled from Spain and have reportedly gonne to North Africa, chosing a later option to make it to Ceylon and India ... as it is also reported ...

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