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Originally Posted by fernando
Ibrahiim, you are bringing back a post submitted by Marc ten years ago. Perhaps his answer will take some time come in. It has been now about four years that he doesn't visit us. Last time i contacted him he said he was overloaded with work at his job and so couldn't attend to forum business... which is a pitty, by the way .

Ah such a pity ... and was why I asked...Perhaps this has been clarified already?... seeing that there was a huge time lapse. His description is certainly of the Moroccan form..He wrote ;

Quote" Besides, I've seen at least one exemplar of "Zanzibar", with stems (in Spanish they are called pitones) in the hilt and a short(ish), wide, cutting blade, with traces of etched designs and inscriptions in Arabic, but with a koftgari and enamel decoration typical of North African late exemplars."Unquote.

In another thread I have just considered the difference in Knuckleguards on these two styles concluding at

both the reason for the variance and the conclusion placing the Moroccan position as clearly the instigator of the basic design of the hilt.
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