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Default Quilons or Iconic Religious Architecture

The question arises as to whether the quilons on a Kastane are real fighting weapon additions or in keeping with a Court Sword of Badge of Office and not for a Battle Sword.
This weapon has been linked by several renowned sword experts in history but have they appreciated the situation or situated the appreciation?

To my eye the Quilons look crushed and unable to trap an opponents blade. They do not look substantial enough and in addition the blades look too flimsy to even need Quilons. Surely this cannot be a fighting weapon.
It is in fact a court sword. In its secondary role a Badge of Office for the secretariat Officers of Mudalier rank in the civil service. In this regard there appear to be two swords... The earlier Kastane may well have been the Golock bladed similar to Storta weapon seen in the famous stone carving but soon after another Kastane appeared ...The Badge of Office almost Bling format court sword.

Because it has apparent turned down Quilons it seems to be embroiled with Islamic weapons such as the Nimcha. In my view this is a muddle perhaps undone since the Quilons of Kastane go back to 14th Century and beyond.

The Vajra was introduced by The Great Buddha into Tibet. Following that it appears on a cutting tool reserved for religious pageants. The 14th Century Tibetto-Chinese sword at Boston Museum for Fine Arts shows a Vajra on a parade sword illustrating the Quilon effect; Below.

Conclusion The Kastane in its Court Sword garb... was never a battle Sword but a badge of Rank/Office only. It took its entire hilt form from the Buddhist traditions including the zoomorphic hilt with Buddhist Deities, Peacock tail and Vajra Quilons;..none of which were intended for a Battle Sword. The Battle Version went before perhaps...but this implement was peaceful but only Traditional, Religious and Iconic.

The link to European weapons in this regard is questionable and cannot be attached to the Quilons because by definition the Kastane doesn't have any since it is not a fighting weapon; so why should it?

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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