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Thank you for the kind words, Marcus. It is nice to receive such a welcome as a new member of this community. Ther

Thank you, Marcus! Yes, I have seen a number of loop-hilted blades that were listed as 'Archers' daggers' from Africa, and that planted the seed of this rumination of mine. Your pictures show perfectly how the dagger rests, not on the fingers, but up on the meaty part of the hand. This would leave the fingers totally free to operate a bow (or firearm, as estcrh suggested). Compared to the European brass knuckle type knives I associate with WWI in which the fingers are limited in their dexterity. The benefits of the knuckleduster knives is they allow for a much more secure grip for the actual knife work.

Thanks again for responding. In regards to the two members who are no longer with us, (and whose thread I appear to have hijacked), I am indebted to their contributions across these forums. There is an astounding amount of knowledge here that has been made accessible to the unwashed masses, such as myself. As a long time lover of all things pointy and sharp, this is most appreciated.
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