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It is interesting how even though most of the world had abandoned archery for guns the Chinese still valued archery.

Archery Drill by Chinese Soldiers in the Streets of Peking, 1894

The bow and arrow is the national arm, every year great reviews are held in Peking, and strict examinations take place in archery. The man who can draw the strongest bow is made a Mandarin, good marksmen also receive notice. It is an ordinary sight to see men practicing in the streets, and there are special schools for training young men how to hold and draw the bow gracefully, and many hours are wasted every day with the arms propped up with sticks in the most uncomfortable position, to enable them to perform this difficult feat. The manner of holding the bow appears strange to western ideas, but it is noteworthy that the merit of the archer is as much judged by his knowledge of "position drill" as by correctness of aim.
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