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Default Hunting swords with fitted with game counters

Hi Guys

I was re-reading Blackmore's Hunting Weapons when I came across a reference to:
" Forming a curious group are those hunting swords fitted with game counters. The number and size of game killed was all part of the thrill of hunting and it was important that an accurate record should be kept. A rare German hunting calendar and game record of the seventeenth century is in the British Museum. It is formed of eight brass hinged-leaves, divided into sections most of which are devoted to a particular kind of game Gemein Hirsch, Behre, Haupt Schwein, etc. Each section is engraved with furrows filled with red wax and divided by numbered scales. The number of animals killed, in some cases, the total weight, and, for the hares, the number of miles covered, could be entered by marking the wax at the appropriate points on the scales. A calendar portion showed the times of the sun's rising and setting and the length of day and night for each week of the year"

unfortunately the only picture of one of these swords Plate 37 attached is quite poor and I was hoping to find a better example for my records. Does anyone have one of these or have photos they could post thanks


Cathey and Rex
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