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Default Need to update description

Hi Guys

Need to update my description due to new information about this Sergeants Basket Hilt Sword by Garden.

Nationality: British
Date: 1857 pattern official introduction, Sword appears to pre-date pattern introduction
Maker/Retailer: Hugh GARDEN
Overall Length: 40 3/8 102.4 cm in scabbard 39 99cm sword only
Blade length: 33 83.9 cm, fuller 8 21.7 cm
Blade widest point: 1
Hilt widest point: 7 17.5 cm
Inside grip length: 4 10.5 cm
Marks, etc.: Stamped I over 4 on the Wrist Guard, Etched GARDEN 200 Piccadilly LONDON in the fuller

Scottish Staff Sergeant Sword Mark I.
Extremely Large Steel Basket with Fishskin grip bound with copper wire. Plain Broadsword blade with short central fuller etched GARDEN 200 Piccadilly LONDON. Leather scabbard with two steel mounts and frog.

Interestingly it is marked with a 1 over 4 on the wrist guard, no idea what this means but probably confirms that this is a NCO sword not an Officers.

General Remarks
Due to chat with Gordon Byrne this morning I need to edit my description of this sword. Firstly the pattern as such was introduced in 1857 not 1852. However, too much emphasis is placed on recorded pattern dates, swords could have evolved prior to the actual official date of introduction. As this sword in etched GARDEN not Garden and Sons it is likely by Hugh Garden 1827-1851 200 Piccadilly, Army Accoutrements and Saddler. Whilst this sword appears to comply with the general description of the sword introduced in 1857, the maker would have been Hugh Garden who died in 1852, and there are similar examples that pre-date the Indian Mutiny.

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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