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Salaam aleikum, peace be upon you, Ibrahim. Yes, it is interesting, and I think it is true. Valencia also suffered even more by the increasing prosecution of the muslim population, which became in a rebellion and in a little war whose result was the killing or forced emigration of many craftsmen. Or, the forced conversion. Curiosly, some of the new converts to christianity, moors and jews, still discriminated, seek refuge in the Spanish American colonies, where they were integrated in the actual population.

But I donīt think the change of residence of the court was so important over the fall of the Toledo craftsmanship, since if the demand of swords have been continued, other centers of production would have risen. I think the growing impoverishment of the Spanish population, including substantial sectors of the low nobility, fueled by the hyperinflation caused by the gold and silver exacted from Mexico and Peru and the lack of development of the Spanish industrial and agricultural productivity, and also the costly and growingly ruinous wars of Spain, trying to maintain their hegemony in Europe, were the main reasons. Spain overeached its capacity instead of consolidated it.

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