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we are digressing wildly of course ...and will likely be moderated at some point.

'fly' may be a slight exaggeration. the sight-hound (and cheetah) gait is such that their feet actually leave the ground and they do not touch it again for about 5 metres*. salukis and lurchers are slightly slower than greyhounds who can get a bit over 40mph. that is a peak speed. average over distance is slower. my ex-racer, millie, won a stakes race of around 500 yards in a time that works out to about 39.4 mph. made her owner 10k. she was injured in her next race, and i adopted her soon after. sadly gone over the bridge now.

anyhow, priestly impact weapons on unarmoured crania could produce blood. as watching CSI (or NCIS) has amply demonstrated. i recall a certain film where a man of the cloth bonked opponents with one, saying 'god forgive me' after each blow.

to bring us back on topic a bit, i would think a blunderbus would make a reasonable impact weapon after it'd been fired. have seen one with a fold-out bayonet for non-ordained use.

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