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Pukka Bundook
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It is Still hard to believe that ten years have passed!!
I think we would both like them back. :-)

Jim and David,
You are both so very right regarding Hollywood!
The gunstock club was on a par with Morgan Freeman's scimitar in Robin Hood!....and used to very much the same effect!
You can see the mind of the producer;
"I like that bit, we should fit it in this film if we can!".

Can I also say that in this area, (Alberta) there are found at times large stones cut with a groove around the centre. they normally show bruising and breakage on at least one end.
Some say they were made for grinding grain, but that does not account for the groove. Some such stones are the size of a decent loaf of bread.
These stones are rough, not like some of the fine polished objects above.
My thoughts;
Could these have been used for braining buffalo crippled in a buffalo jump?
It would take a fair -sized rock to give such an animal its quietus !

Please pardon the slightly OT.

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