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One thing I would add, while this seems modern of course, it seems that as we traveled through North Carolina Indian reservations, Cherokee; Oklahoma reservations, Cherokee; Montana and South Dakota, Wounded Knee, Little Big Horn, Utah and I cannot even recall many others offhand, the gift shops sold clubs of this kind.
I wish I could recall more of what these were like, however it does seem they might have been made using sinew. I paid no special notice at the time.

However, I was told on several occasions that objects sold as Native American, had to have been made by those only of such heritage, and that was legally regulated. Again, I cannot recall more detail, it was years ago.
It was in that thinking that I observed that this item was probably made by someone of this ethnicity. That was what I meant by even though modern, made in the traditions of these tribes.

Perhaps we might have some clarification on this?
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