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Originally Posted by David
I am sure that Rajesh appreciates your optimism here Jim, but i am afraid that i don't even see evidence that this is at all native made. I have found no examples of native made clubs for either war or ceremony that use sinew to attach heads. Even if such a practice were to be used for a club made purely for dance, would such a club, given its purpose, not then be ornately decorated? I'd hate for us to be giving Rajesh false hope here to any claims of authenticity.

Thanks David, and you are right, I was being overly optimistic perhaps, but my main focus was to offer as much history surrounding the 'authentic' examples , 'for the record'. The absence of decoration is clearly a signal as apparently even those used in warfare had at least some decoration if I understood correctly.
What was interesting to me was that the method of construction seemed to follow that in the article I found, but then certainly fabricators of imitations would probably follow that as well.

Thank you for the well reasoned and explained detail which is also important in recognizing the clear instance of non authentic items, key perspective along with the historical data placed here.
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