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Originally Posted by asomotif
Hi Maurice,

Yes, all parts are Original. I agree.
But the connection between the gold crown and the blade looks not very smooth, and with the resin showing.
So maybe this is some kind of marriage between hilt and blade.

Best regards,

Yes I know what you mean. And this could ofcourse be possible. The marriage is native IMO. The golden crowns are "carved" into the Ivory of the hilt itself, which is seen on a regular base with rencongs with golden crowns. Doesn't look like that had been done in the Western world.

I have owned several Gayo rencongs with these kind of hilts, and two of them had loose hilts (could be seperated from the blade), probably this is a side effect of these kind of hilts during its age.

I agree it could be an old native marriage between the blade and hilt ofcourse!

If the rencong could talk, I would have know...
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