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Default Wootz Katar for sale


For various reasons I want to reduce the sice of my collection so I decided to try to pass on some of my pieces.
This one is a probably 19th or late 18th century wootz katar, which I purchased from ashokaarts a while ago.

The handle and parts of the blade are decorated in nice gold koftgari, of which I would say about 80% remains.
The blade is incised with deep fullered panels, which show a dark crystalline wootz pattern. The edges are mirror polished and sport eyelash marks on both sides. The point is heavily reinforced.

I think it could be related to this katar presented by Roland in this thread.

Included is a leather covered wooden scabbard, which is quite damaged especially at the tip and of rather simple making, probably a later addition I would say.

I would like 2500 for it with free shipping inside the EU. I am open to counter offers and also trade if the item in question is small in size .


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