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Default Tulwar for sale


For various reasons I want to reduce the sice of my collection so I decided to try to pass on some of my pieces.
The first one is this probably 19th century tulwar sword.
It has a rather heavy saber blade which is quite thick at the spine, a broad central fuller and flares at the tip with an unsharpened backedge similarly to a yelmen.
It is inscribed at the spine with: Malik Sarkar Ahmad Yaar Khan Talpur which translates as "The Owner Sarkar Ahmad Yaar Khan Tal Pur" (thanks to Jens for the translation), which, if genuine, would connect it to the Sindhi Talpur dynasty.
The hilt is decorated in silvery koftgari overlay, of which I would say about 70-80% remains.
I did clean the blade up a bit to remove dirt and active rust.

I would like to have 450 for it with free shipping inside the EU. I am also open to counteroffers or trade, if the item in question is small in size.
If you have any questions I will try my best to answer them.


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