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I was impressed by a Royal Khanjar I saw at the Zubair Museum in Muscat and show that below...It may be noted that the hilt although mostly shrouded behind silver decoration is Rhino but that this is a material greatly liked not only because of the inherent strength and fearlessness for which it was famous but because the horn itself can accept lots of securing silver pins without cracking. Many weapons are being made these days with recycled old hilts or composite high density compounds which are just as strong and pliable. You will recall that it was one of Saiid The Great's wives who invented several adornments on her husbands behalf or to brighten his day thus the following were her contribution; The Royal Khanjar Hilt, The Royal Turban, The Royal Camerbund, The Iconic Battle Sword Royal Hilt, and probably the Omani Dancing Sword.
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