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Hi Robert,
I have always been very interested in Spanish colonial weapons, and was compelled to view this following your heading. I am actually kind of surprised that there has been so little response with the number of Moro and Filipino weapons collectors here. While I claim no particular expertise in these, I will try to add what I can from the resources I have.

I agree that hybrid weapons typically prove the most fascinating as they reflect dynamic history and confluence of ethnic groups and cultures in most cases. Your weapon instantly reflects the wide range of ersatz edged weapons from the Philippine Insurrection period, c.1898-1902, and possibly as late as 1913 in the very southern regions of Mindanao, particularly the city of Zamboanga. In this city, the administration of the largely Muslim southern Philippines was headquartered, with Gen. John J. Pershing commanding.

The interesting hilt of your weapon reflects distinctly Spanish characteristics with capped pommel and metal ferrule, the alternating quillons on the guard, and the grooved wood grip recalling styles on many bayonets of the period.
In these regions, where both Christians and Muslims were present, it would seem that the joining of this familiar 'insurrection period' type hilt and the nagan blade of Moro form would be quite plausible, and the period as suggested, early 20th century.

All the best,
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