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Originally Posted by Robert
The information that I posted was photographed from "The Philippine Journal Of Science Volume 81 - The Pinatubo Negritos" which was most graciously sent to me by Lorenz. If anyone is interested in reading the rest of the material I have please let me know and I will email it to you as it is too large for me to post here.

Robert has kindly sent me the individual JPG files for some of the relevant pages of this reference. Because these seem to have been photographed with a smartphone and are hard to read, I have been transcribing them for my own record. When the pages are finished I shall post them here as a PDF file and include the illustrations that accompany the text.

Much of the text relates to the bow and arrow used by the Pinatubo Negritos, with particular reference to the plant materials that are used in making the various types of bows and arrows. The material is based on the author's field work conducted in 1947 and published in 1952.

It's interesting stuff and it has set me thinking about how styles diffuse locally among different ethnic groups. More about that later.

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