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Originally Posted by Sajen
The first one are the "garabs", the high end pieces with very good blades, you can find here many pictured by searching, here is my decent one:

Second group would be the user, there are fighters and also working talibons, see for example here: and here:

At third group are the WWII ones, sometimes very fancy, see here:

Thank you very much for sharing your examples. Great pieces! I love the eye on your Garab.

Originally Posted by Sajen
Your family exists from working pieces of the second group and the most from the third group. Feel the handles, are they worked for use or they are only fancy? Look for the patination.

Do you think these two might be part of the second group? They were previously posted here, along with my own dog-headed Talibon:

As always, thank you for your comments.

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